NHS Sussex Launch Event

I would like to invite you to come along to a face to face event in Brighton to hear from the new Chair of NHS Sussex and take part in conversations around key NHS services and programmes. The details and sign up details are below for all of the events. Please feel free to share with friends, family, community leaders and anyone else you think may be interested in attending.

NHS Sussex Launch Event

A new way of working across health and care locally will start on 1 July and we want you to be part of making it a success. We are working differently across the NHS and wider organisations to help better meet the health and care needs of everyone living in Sussex. We are building on the successful work that has already taken place but we know more needs to be done to improve health outcomes and services for local people.

We invite you to meet and hear from the Chair of NHS Sussex, Stephen Lightfoot, about our plans and priorities for Sussex, and to discuss the health priorities in the places where our events are taking place and the surrounding area. There will also be opportunities to talk to local NHS’ senior decision makers on how we can continue to develop and improve following key areas:

  • Accessing GP care
  • Accessing hospital care, and changes to how hospital care will be accessed and provided
  • Mental health services and support
  • Accessing your care and health records online, and using digital technology to support new models of care

There will also be opportunities to talk about health priorities for the local areas where our events are taking place.

Tuesday 5 July, between 2.30pm and 4.45pm, Moulsecoomb Community Hall, Brighton NHS Sussex Health and Care Launch Event Tickets, Tue 5 Jul 2022 at 14:30 | Eventbrite

Please note that parking is limited at Moulsecoomb Community Hall so you may wish to consider taking public transport.

  • Moulsecoomb Train Station is approximately a 5 minute walk.
  • The 23, 24 and 25 buses northbound stop at the Brighton University Bus Stop approximately a 2 minute walk.
  • The 48 and 49 buses southbound stop at the Brighton University Bus Stop directly opposite the Hall.

We are also holding three online events for those who may be less able to travel - again it will be an opportunity to hear from the NHS Sussex Chair, Stephen Lightfoot, and to ask questions of our expert panel on these same key areas and wider topics.

Click the links to register and the Teams link will be emailed to you ahead of the event:

We look forward to welcoming you at the events.

Antonia Bennett,
Head of Public Involvement
Working together as Sussex NHS Commissioners
NHS Brighton and Hove CCG | NHS East Sussex CCG | NHS West Sussex CCG

Today is officially ‘Sussex Day’ – a celebration of everything that is good about Sussex.

The Sussex health and Care Partnership (SHCP) are marking the occasion by sharing more about the changes that are coming to health and care in Sussex to help give local people what they need to live longer healthier lives.

On 1 July 2022 the way health and care is arranged in England is changing, and they are developing a Sussex Health and Care System to improve how it works for the population and their staff.


The SHCP know that individuals and communities are not always getting the support, treatment and care they need at the time they need it in the most appropriate place. To address this, they need all organisations responsible for health and care to work closer together.

From 1 July, the ‘Sussex Health and Care System’ will work differently to help to:

-Support people to live for longer in good health.
-Make sure our disadvantaged communities get the care they need.
-Improve people’s experience of using services.
-Better support health and care staff.
-Make better use of the resources available.

The new way of working will involve all health and care organisations coming together in Sussex as the Health and Care Assembly, the creation of a new NHS organisation called NHS Sussex to strengthened partnerships of health and care organisations working locally.


Watch this simple animation to explain these changes


Involving local people: Public invited to help shape Better Health and Care for All in Sussex


People in Sussex are being invited to join the local NHS and partners to shape better health and care for all now and for the future.
As part of the preparations for 1 July, a public roadshow of events, online meetings and community outreach starts this week to hear from, and listen to, people and local communities.
There will be three special launch events where you will be invited to come and meet the Chairman of NHS Sussex, Stephen Lightfoot, health and care partners and colleagues from the voluntary, community and social enterprise sectors. There will also be online events and teams will also be out and about in the community at locations over the coming weeks.
Join in person: Book your free ticket through these Eventbrite links:

-1 July, 1.30pm – 4pm, Wickbourne Centre, Littlehampton
NHS Sussex Health and Care Launch Event Tickets, Fri 1 Jul 2022 at 13.30 | Eventbrite
-5 July, 2.30pm – 4.45pm, Moulsecoomb Community Centre, Brighton
NHS Sussex Health and Care Launch Event Tickets, Tue 5 Jul 2022 at 14:30 | Eventbrite
-8 July, 9.30am – 12pm, Broomsgrove Community Centre, Hastings
NHS Sussex Health and Care Launch Event Tickets, Fri 8 Jul 2022 at 09:30 | Eventbrite

Or join online:

-4 July, 1.00pm – 2.30pm Register here
-12 July, 2.30pm – 4pm Register here
-18 July, 11.30am – 1pm Register here

Or you can reserve a place at these events by contacting or by calling 0800 434545
The Microsoft Teams joining link will be emailed to you ahead of the event.

Read more about where you can join the roadshow here.


Better care for patients: Improvements to community services to better support people at home has been recognised across the South East


Community services that are making a real difference to people’s lives across Sussex have been praised for their patient-centred care and innovation.

The services include an initiative to enhance health support in care homes so people can be cared for and treated in their home without the need to go to hospital; a virtual clinic for patients with musculoskeletal conditions so they can receive expert help and support at home; and an innovative approach during that pandemic that meant patients recovering from COVID-19 could be safely discharged back to their own home and monitored remotely by the Hospital at Home team.

These services were recognised at the regional NHS England Care Closer to Home Awards where services in Sussex won one of the four awards and were highly commended in all four categories.

Read more about the work of East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust and Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust to improve community services for our population.


Supporting people to live for longer: Health and care partners join together to support those most at risk of high blood pressure


An initiative to support those most at risk of high blood pressure is making a big impact in Bexhill.

Hypertension, also known as high or raised blood pressure, affects one in four people in England, and it is the third biggest risk factor for premature death and disability after poor diet and smoking. It is a leading cause of heart attack and stroke.

However, in Sussex only 64.6% of those who are estimated to have hypertension know that they have it and are actively being supported.

In Bexhill-on-Sea, health and care partners have come together to address this, and the Little Common and Old Town GP practices have joined forces with their local Primary Care Network and public health organisation, One You East Sussex, to proactively search out people most at risk of high blood pressure in their local community.

The results of their work show the difference partnership work can make.



Walk to School Week (16th to 20th May) and National Walking Month (May)

Get ready to #WalkThisMay. It’s National Walking Month and we’re being asked to walk 20 minutes each day to help improve our fitness.

Walking 20 minutes each day can have benefits well above and beyond the obvious ones that you might expect.

It’s Walk to School Week 16th to 20th May, and small steps lead to big outcomes. If you can walk to school this week, then you’re helping your child to meet their exercise needs for the week. If you live too far from school to walk the whole journey, why not think about walking some of the way? Maybe you could get off the bus a stop earlier, or leave the car a few streets away and walk the rest.

If your children’s school hasn’t yet signed up for “WOW – the walk to school challenge” why not suggest it? Children can log their journeys to school and collect badges to encourage them if they travel sustainably once a week for a month.

Dementia Awareness (16th to 22nd May)

Memory problems are not just a sign of getting older, they are a sign of being unwell. Do you find it difficult to remember people’s names, or find you’re putting things in places that they don’t belong? If so, it’s possible you’re having memory issues. Have other people noticed you’re struggling with your memory? The Alzheimer’s Society has some useful information on things you might want to think about.
If you’re worried that someone you care about may be having problems with their memory, this advice from the Alzheimer’s Society might be helpful to you. The advice looks at how to raise the issue, including where and when might be a good time or place.

National Smile Month (16th May to 16th June)

Everyone deserves a healthy smile. That’s the theme of this year’s National Smile Month. Health inequalities should not mean you do not have a healthy mouth and teeth.

Oral health is important to your overall health, and your overall health can affect your oral health. It’s important to understand the links and ensure that we look after our smiles.

If you have a young child, you can help them learn about healthy teeth with this video about teeth with Peppa Pig.

Thousands of people eligible for a Spring COVID-19 booster have not yet come forward 

 The NHS in Sussex is calling for anyone who now due a second COVID-19 vaccination to book theirs this week.

 Latest figures show that 116,628 of those who are eligible have had their spring or second booster, but 91,894 people are now eligible and are yet to come forward or be vaccinated.

 With hundreds of appointments available this week, people are being urged to book theirs as soon as possible.

 People are eligible for a spring or second booster if they are aged 75 and over or they are aged 12 years and over and have a weakened immune system.

 People living in older people’s care homes are also eligible and specific visits are being planned in order to make sure these people get their vaccination.

 In the majority of cases, people will receive the Moderna vaccination – one of the three approved vaccines in the UK widely used throughout the programme to date.

 People can book an appointment from three months of the date of their original booster.

 No invite is needed.

 The NHS is also calling on family members and friends to make sure their loved ones have received their vaccine if they are due.

 You can contact the Brighton Racecourse Vaccination Centre on 03003038360 or,

 Call 119 from 8am to 8pm or use the National Booking Service website to book a local appointment.

 Walk in sessions are also available every day.

 For the latest list of walk in sessions and more information about the vaccination programme visit COVID-19 vaccinations – Sussex Health & Care Partnership (

 “It may seem that COVID-19 has gone away but it is still in our communities and we want to make sure our most vulnerable have this extra protection for the coming months.

“By making sure that you have a spring booster when you are due means that it will cover you over the summer and you have had it ahead of the autumn."

Mental Health Awareness Week (9th to 15th May)

The focus of this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week is Loneliness. Loneliness can affect anyone, even if they are surrounded by people. The global pandemic has brought loneliness into focus, as more people are now aware how difficult loneliness can be.

One of the groups who most often say they feel lonely are young people. Being surrounded by people doesn’t necessarily reduce feelings of loneliness. There are some things you can do to try and ease the feeling of being alone.

1.4 million older adults say they are often lonely. If this affects you, Age UK have some insight into loneliness in older adults and advice about how we can change this.

Sun Awareness Week (2nd to 8th May)

As the summer approaches, we need to think about staying safe in the sun. As we don’t always have sunny weather in the UK, it can be tempting to soak up the rays when we do. Staying safe in the sun will ensure you can have fun and reduce your risk of sunburn and sunstroke.

Sun safety is easy when you know how and Sid the Seagull wants us to Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek and Slide. Five easy ways to protect yourself from skin cancer:

Slip on a T-shirt

Slop on some suncream

Slap on a hat

Seek shade

Slide on some sunglasses

Deaf Awareness Week (2nd to 8th May)

12 million people across the UK have some form of hearing loss or deafness, which means you’re likely to meet someone with hearing loss each day. Ask how you can help to make communication easier, as the answer will be different for each person.

Deaf people can find communication challenging, as not everyone is understanding and helpful. There are a number of ways you can help to make communication easier for deaf people.

We can offer support for appointments if you have difficulty hearing and you would prefer not to have a family member sit in on your appointment. Please ask us about the ways that we can support you.

Stroke Awareness (1st to 31st May)

If you think you’re seeing these symptoms in someone act FAST and call 999.

-Facial weakness

-Arm weakness

-Speech problems

-Time to call 999

Some signs of stroke are less well known. These include:

Sudden weakness or numbness on one side of the body, including legs, hands or feet.

Difficulty finding words or speaking in clear sentences.

Sudden blurred vision or loss of sight in one or both eyes.

Sudden memory loss or confusion, and dizziness or a sudden fall.

A sudden, severe headache.

If you spot any of these signs, don’t wait, call 999 straight away.

If you or someone you know has been affected by a stroke, you’ll know just how important research is in ensuring the best possible outcomes. Stroke research budgets have been affected by the pandemic and the Stroke Association wants to raise awareness of the importance of research.

People attending Accident and Emergency departments and needing admission to hospital combined with continued pressure from COVID having an impact on both patients and workforce.

Key messages:

  • To manage the additional demand we are working closely together across health and care to support people to be treated in settings other than hospital, including use of 111 and securing additional appointments in GP practices for those where that is appropriate
  • We are also working with community and voluntary sector organisations to facilitate timely and supported discharges from hospital
  • COVID-19 has not gone away, and in hospital and healthcare settings we still need to be very careful to limit the spread of infection because of the vulnerable people being cared for. We are seeing a rise in people coming into hospital for other reasons, who also have COVID. When someone comes in with COVID it means they need to be treated separately from those who are infection free to limit the spread of the virus and keep people safe. This puts pressure on the space and staffing in our hospitals
  • We also continue to see rising numbers of staff who are off work with COVID. This, again, puts extra pressure on services and those staff who are working.
  • We are working closely with all our providers to redeploy staff to areas where there is the most pressure, use bank and agency staff where it is most needed, and by carefully managing annual leave across organisations to ensure there is adequate cover in place
  • There continues to be pressure on social care, with limited available support and placements for people who need them. To manage this we are working closely with local authorities to look a short term solutions as well as longer term options including how placements are contracted and commissioned
  • We also continue to work in partnership with our voluntary and community sector to support and make best use of technology, such as telecare, where appropriate. In addition we obviously continue to work in close partnership with families and carers o those who need support
  • Our staff across the whole of the NHS are working really hard to keep people safe, to treat people with COVID and non-COVID related illness. We’re asking the public to please be patient with them as they support us all
  • People are being urged to also play their part in helping the NHS provide the best possible services during this extremely busy time. The NHS is asking people to Help Us Help You and take the following actions:


    • Use the right services for your needs at the right time
    • Save emergency services for saving lives
    • Be patient with our staff, they are trying to keep people safe and make sure they get the best care possible
    • Wear a mask in hospital and other healthcare settings
    • If you can, have a lateral flow test before attending a healthcare setting
    • Get your vaccinations to protect yourself against COVID and flu

Services Leaflet

Volunteers needed for Brighton & Hove 'Healthy Hearts'

We are recruiting now, for volunteer training in March and the project starting in April.

We are seeking volunteers who are:

  • Over 18 and living in Brighton & Hove, or registered with a Brighton & Hove GP Practice
  • Able to give between 1 and 4 hours per month for 6 months 
  • Enthusiastic, friendly and wanting to make a difference to people’s health and wellbeing in Brighton & Hove by helping them to make small changes to their lifestyles

We are offering:

  • A friendly group
  • Certified training, full support and supervision
  • Travel expenses and references

To find out more, join the online Information Session at 6pm on Thursday 3rd March by emailing us at or phoning 01273 642186 or 07308 446947 for details.

Or you can visit our webpage.

This project is funded by NHS Sussex Health & Care Partnership and run by Wellsbourne Healthcare CIC (the local GP Surgery in East Brighton) on behalf of East & Central Brighton Primary Care Network and in association with the Brighton & Sussex Medical School.

Changes to Self-Certification Arrangements

The Government has announced a temporary amendment to the Statutory Sick Pay [Medical Evidence] Regulations covering the period from 17th December until 26th January 2022.

This means that whilst normally an employee would be required to provide medical information [in the form of a Med 3 certificate] in relation to their fitness to work after 7 days absence, this period is being extended to 28 days, before such certification is required.

This will apply to any period of sickness absence that commenced between 17th December 2021 and 26th January 2022, or for periods of illness that commenced prior to 17th December,

but had not on that date lasted more than seven days, and so the requirement to provide medical certification had not yet occurred., that is, from 10th December 2021

This change has been announced to assist General Practice teams to free up capacity to deliver the Covid 19 Vaccination programme and concurrently maintain urgent patient care.

Message to our patients – update on the COVID-19 booster programme

Across Sussex the NHS and its partners are working extremely hard to roll out the COVID-19 booster vaccination programme to our communities. 

All adults are eligible from Monday 13 December, and you will be able to book via the National Booking System from Wednesday 15 December. 

You can book your booster for 3 months from the date of second vaccine, and you can access the National Booking System to book the appointment from 2 months. 

We are working at pace to increase the availability of appointments so that there are plenty of options for people on the National Booking System. Some local vaccination services will also contact patients directly. 

New appointments are being added every day across our vaccination services. We have been offering more than 80,000 appointments a week and in the last two weeks we have increased the number of available appointments by more than 10,000 a week. Further availability will come online from Wednesday 15 December. 

We will be working with all of our sites to take further steps to increase what they can offer again, including opening later and on more days. 

All of these appointments will be added to the National Booking System and so we encourage everyone who is aged 18 and over, is yet to have their booster and who is approaching 3 months from your second vaccine to use the National Booking System to arrange your appointment when you are able to do so. 

In terms of any planned appointments with <insert name of the GP practice>, there are no changes at the current time and everyone should attend your planned appointments as normal. If we need to make any changes, we will contact you directly. 

See more about the vaccination programme in Sussex, including the vaccination services: COVID-19 vaccinations - Sussex Health & Care Partnership ( 


All adults are now eligible for a COVID-19 vaccination booster at three months from the date of your second vaccine. 

If you have not yet had your booster, you can use the National Booking System from Wednesday 15 December. 

New appointments are being added every day. Please keep checking the website or call 119. You may also be contacted by a your local service over the next few days. 

See more about the vaccination programme:

Update from RU OK? Advice to help you keep safe.

ru-ok Briefing - December 2021.pdf

Dear patients and other callers

I would like to apologise for the problems some callers have experienced in getting through to St Peter’s. This must have been incredibly frustrating for you. We have been working hard with our telecom providers and we understand that all the problems have been resolved. We have purchased some additional software in the form of tools which will help us monitor more closely the number of calls we are receiving and the time callers are waiting.

We are receiving over 1000 calls regularly on Mondays with slightly less on other days of the week.

If you are able to use our website for self-care and eConsults, this would be much appreciated, therefore leaving the phone lines less busy for patients who do not have access to the internet. If you are calling to book nurse appointments, blood tests and anything is not urgent, please try to call when our lines are less busy – after 9.30 am. Thank you.

With kind regards on behalf of the practice

Carol Witney, Managing Partner

Latest news from Digital Brighton & Hove including ‘Get online week’


Thank you to ALL our patients for your patience with the changes we have put in place to ensure safety for everyone.

You will notice that not all staff are still in scrubs but rest assured, all infection control procedures are being followed.

It is important to continue to maintain Space, Handwashing and Masks.

In line with Government guidance, patients are required to continue wearing a face covering when coming to the practice.  Face coverings primarily protect others, so doing so – unless exempt – is key to preventing spread of infections.

Please also continue to respect 2 m social distancing.


Self-referral for termination of pregnancies

Patients can now self-refer to the new provider of termination of pregnancies in Brighton and Hove - MSI Reproductive Choices.

Download self-referral information here

St Peter’s is proud to announce...

We have recently committed to buy fairtrade tea and coffee for our staff - rather than going for the cheapest option.  This is because we believe it is contradictory - and unethical - to provide healthcare using goods and services that may harm the health of others - whether fellow workers overseas or future generations.

Many tea and coffee farmers do not receive a fair price for what they produce - and suffer harsh, unsafe working conditions.  Buying fairtrade is a powerful opportunity to improve the health and wellbeing of these workers - and we believe our commitment to support this is an important demonstration of our core values.   

For workers on Fairtrade plantations, there is investment in better housing, better schools and medical facilities - as well as the elimination of child labour.  Fairtrade standards also help protect the environment through strict rules on pesticides, energy use and biodiversity.

We believe we can help make a difference - and that, through this commitment, we are consistent in our responsibilities for health, now and in the future, through the everyday choices that we make.  We’d like to know what you think. 


Dr Rachel Cottam

RCGP Green Impact for Health Award

Did you know that the climate crisis has been recognised as the greatest risk to health this century - but also the greatest health opportunity, reaping huge rewards for health.

It is estimated that 5.4% of the UK's carbon emissions are from the NHS. This is equivalent to all the planes taking off from Heathrow in an average year (pre-pandemic!) At St Peter's we are taking seriously the importance of living and practising sustainably. We have recently signed up for the RCGP Green Impact for Health Award, and have identified key areas where we can focus our attention, some clinical, some not. These include:

  • Ensuring we buy Fairtrade products where we can. Fairtrade products guarantee a fixed income for some of the poorest farmers in the world
  • Reducing waste and increasing recycling
  • Using 'active' modes of travel where we can
  • Reducing our use of paper - and making sure our paper is sustainably sourced
  • Looking at some aspects of our prescribing. This might include working with you to make sure you know what your medications are for, ensure that you actually want them! - and know how to take them most effectively. If you use an inhaler, you might also want to talk to us about those inhaler options which emit less toxic greenhouse gases - as well, of course, as remembering to take any used inhalers back to the pharmacy to be appropriately disposed of.

There are also things you can do:

  • You can talk to us about how we might support you to manage your condition most effectively.
  • You can try to use 'active' methods of travel - good for you and good for the planet, the health of our children and future generations.
  • Using online consultation when it’s an appropriate way to find the care you need
  • Or you could try reducing the amount of meat and dairy you eat - even if just on one or two days of the week, this is one of the biggest environmental impacts you can have and there is lots of support available to you. Take a look at Veganuary and Meat Free Monday or try something like Dairy Free Tuesdays. There are lots of recipes online to inspire you if you want to make small changes to what you eat.

And of course you might have ideas for us. If so, please let us know!

Dr Rachel Cottam & the St Peter’s Team

Please watch this clip by clicking here an animation to help explain to the public how they can continue to access GP services, including how to get in contact, the different ways care may be delivered, and how face-to-face appointments have changed

Right Care Right Place

Any digital image/photo submitted as part of an online consultation, will be stored within your clinical notes

Patients should note that they may with their consent be asked to provide a photograph or screen shot of an area of their body under discussion. This will be requested under strict rules, that will be explained by the consulting clinician. No digital images will be requested or accepted without the patients consent and no images requested of a patients full face, children, or intimate areas. Please note any digital image submitted as part of an online consultation, will be stored within your clinical notes.

Support for Deaf Patients

SignLive’s new partnership CCGs (BSL Clip)

SignLive Information Poster

For more information, please view the SignLive Information Poster.

Try the new NHS App

If you’re a patient at our practice you can now use the new NHS App, a simple and secure way to access a range of NHS services on your smartphone or tablet.

You can use the NHS App to check your symptoms and get instant advice, book appointments, order repeat prescriptions, view your GP medical record and more.

If you already use SystmOne online you can continue to use it. You can use the NHS App as well.

For more information go to

The Sussex Health and Care Partnership is made up of local NHS organisations and councils working together to provide the best health and care services for the people of Sussex.

Patients and the public are at the heart of what we do. We strongly believe that involving the public in planning NHS and social care services is key to ensuring that they meet the needs of the population that we serve, which is why we are holding the Big Health and Care (socially distancing) Conversation across Sussex.

This initiative will pick up where we left off with conversations we have been having with local people over the last few years about health and care services. Feedback from our communities has previously informed how we shaped our priorities for, and delivery of, health and care services, to make sure they work for our local population.

The Covid-19 pandemic changed the nature of how health and care services are delivered, in a very short time period. Services had to adapt and change to ensure patients and our staff were protected, which meant that the way people accessed health and care services changed, at a time when we were all also adapting to life in lockdown.

We want to make sure that we understand what this has been like for people if they have needed to use our services, or if they work for the NHS or social care locally – what has worked well, and what could have been better? If you didn’t access services when you thought you needed to, why not? What changes should we maintain, and what needs to go back to normal as much as possible?

There will be a number of themes running during the project and the current theme is mental health and wellbeing

We have created a digital platform for people to engage with us during the pandemic. This is your chance to tell us your experiences, ask questions and share your ideas as we move towards restoring services.  To share your experiences, ask a question or take part in a poll, please visit


How to contact the team if you are not online

Call the team:  01903 708411 

Write to the team using our freepost address:

Attn: Public Involvement Team
NHS Brighton and Hove Clinical Commissioning Group
Hove Town Hall
Norton Road